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The Thankful Series

The coloring book and gratitude journal in one!


This innovative and uplifting series is about building self-esteem, promoting positivity and inspiring creativity in children and adults alike.


Coloring book/gratitude journals just for kids age 5-9!

Giving thanks is scientifically proven to reduce stress while improving physical and mental health. Gratitude also promotes positive self-esteem and opens up conversations between peers and adults.


Coloring is proven to reduce stress, promote creativity, and helps with decision making.


Fifo the Bear Series

Fun, educational and interactive books for kids. 


 Fifo the Bear books are perfect for homeschoolers.  Come along with Fifo as he explores a wide range of subjects including geography, emotions, animals, instruments, and of course...his ABCs.  

The Do's and Don'ts

Other books by Hayley Rose



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