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Meet the Books

Beautiful Mermaid

The Thankful Series

This groundbreaking and uplifting series of coloring journals are designed to promote positivity, improve self-esteem, calm anxiety and inspire creativity!


You and your kids will love these innovative coloring journals filled with inspiring quotes, positive actions, gratitude prompts, whimsical coloring scenes and more.


A great activity to unwind before bed and awake refreshed with a positive attitude.


Make it a Family Affair:  The Thankful Unicorn is a wonderful book to share with the whole family.  Spend 15 minutes a day coloring together and talking about what you're thankful for, or brainstorm over ideas and goals for the future. A great bonding tool to help you stay connected. 


The Hardcover Journal:  Hardcover versions are two-month coloring journals and come with an elastic band closure/bookmark.  The Thankful Mermaids and The Thankful Unicorn: Dream come with glittered covers.  Perfect for humans age 7 to 107


The Paperback:  Paperback versions are one-month coloring journals.  Perfect for humans 5 to adult with a special line of journals just for kids age 5 to 9.

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The Thankful Mermaid: I Am Generous
The Thankful Mermaid_ I Am Kind
The Thankful Mermaid_ I Am Unstoppable
The Thankful Mermaid_ I Am Beautiful
The Thankful Mermaid_ I Am Confident
The Thankful Unicorn: Dream
The Thankful Unicorn: Release Your Inner
The Thankful Unicorn Wings
The Thankful Dragon_ I Am Fierce
The Thankful Dragon_ I Am Brave

Coloring book/gratitude journals just for kids age 5-9!

Thankful Dragon 5-9 3d cover copy.png
Thankful Mermaid 5-9 3d cover.png
The Thankful Reindeer 5-9.png

Giving thanks is scientifically proven to reduce stress while improving physical and mental health. Gratitude also promotes positive self-esteem and opens up conversations between peers and adults.



Coloring is proven to reduce stress, promote creativity, and helps with decision making.

Fifo Today I Feel Emotion.png

Fifo the Bear Series

Fun, educational and interactive books for kids. 


 Fifo the Bear books are perfect for homeschoolers.  Come along with Fifo as he explores a wide range of subjects including geography, emotions, animals, instruments, and of course...his ABCs.  

Tap, Tap Swish: Otter Counts the Band

Other books by Hayley Rose